5 Easy Curb Appeal Ideas to Attract New Renters

If your rental properties are empty, then they aren't actively making you money. That means you need to attract new renters. For most people, they make their judgment of a property based on their first impression. 

This means that you can improve the attractiveness of your rental property by enhancing its curb appeal. This guide will give you five easy ways you can improve your property’s curb appeal. 

1. Fresh Coat of Paint 

For a big impact, you can paint the entire exterior of the home. Start by pressure washing the exterior to remove any dirt, debris, mold, mildew, and loose paint. Then apply a fresh coat of paint in your chosen color. However, this doesn’t work for all homes and may not even be necessary in some cases. 

For an alternative and more affordable option, you could paint just the front door and shutters. Choose a bold color that will create an attention-grabbing pop. This small touch of fresh paint will give the illusion of everything being fresh and well taken care of. 

2. Add Blooming Plants 

If you’re looking to invest in your rental home’s landscaping, then you can have the entire front yard redone or freshened up. Have a landscaping team trim up the trees and bushes. Plant blooming perennials in flower beds. Finish the look with decorative edging or a low stone wall. 

For a more affordable option, add some potted plants. You could have them at key points in the front yard. This lets you leave the yard natural and rustic while also creating a sense of care. You could have two large pots at the driveway entrance. Or smaller potted plants along the front walk. 

3. Light the Walkway 

Renters want a home that’s both attractive and safe. If your rental home doesn’t have lights or has the bare minimum, then it’s time to add some. A simple and affordable option is to add a single motion sensor spotlight that illuminates the driveway and front walk. 

A more attractive option is to line the driveway and front walk with solar lights. These are low maintenance, increase visibility, and improve the property’s appeal during the daytime. 

4. Create a Welcoming Entry

The entry to your rental home can make or break the rest of the house for some renters. This first impression is where people decide if they like the house or not. So put your home’s best foot forward by creating a welcoming entry. 

Start by making sure the front door is attractive. You could replace the door or paint it as we mentioned earlier. Then add a potted plant or two from our second suggestion. Other options are to add seasonal decor, such as a wreath. If there is room, you could have a couple of small chairs and a cafe table or a small bench.  

5. Stylish House Numbers 

Give your home a fresh look with some stylish house numbers. This makes the home easy to find for renters and makes a personality statement. You can go for bold and basic from your local hardware store. Or you could opt for something more creative from an online source. 

Mount the numbers in a place that can easily be seen from the road. 

Attract New Renters For Your Property 

While you could do all of this work yourself, it’ll be time-consuming and labor-intensive. There’s an easier option. Working with a local property manager can make the process easier to manage. 

You can work with a manager who knows what local renters are looking for. They can also connect you with a team of contractors who will provide you with quality work. 

Contact our team today and let us help you improve your property’s curb appeal.