5 Online Resources to Help Market Your Arden Rental Property

It isn’t enough to own rental property. You need to attract quality tenants that will sign a long-term lease. Marketing your Arden rental property online will give you the broadest reach. However, you can’t just post your rental property anywhere. 

You need to choose an online marketing strategy that will showcase your property, attract high-quality tenants, and effectively get the workout. 

Consider using these five online resources to market your Arden rental property. 

1. Your Website

Having a website that features your rental properties gives you an online presence. It also lets you showcase your rental properties to their fullest. You can include as many pictures, videos, and details as you want. 

You can also offer a downloadable printout with the rental property’s essential details. This makes it easy for potential tenants to save your listing and share it with friends or family later. 

Make everything on your website shareable to encourage website visitors to share your rental property on their social media. 

2. Property Manager's Website

Working with a property manager can provide you with several marketing advantages. One of which is their website. It will probably have more traffic and a higher rank than your website because they have many more properties listed. This gives your rental property more exposure. 

Listing your property on a reputable property manager’s website also gives your listing a sense of credibility. High-quality tenants want to work with a high-quality landlord. 

When an interested applicant reaches out, they can do so through the property manager’s website. This streamlines the rental process and reduces the amount of work on your part. Your property manager can respond to inquiries and applications. 

3. Property Listing Websites

One of the easiest ways to get your property out there is to have it listed on a property listing website. There are big-name websites with national coverage. They’re often the first and only stop for potential tenants. 

Some of these websites are free, while others require you to pay a specific fee for each listing. The advantage of these websites is that people from out of town are more likely to find your property. This broadens your reach geographically. 

4. Social Media Platforms

It’s one thing to make your property available online; it’s another to let people know your property is available. Social media is how you promote your property listings. Joining social media sites will be free. 

If you’re willing to spend money, you can use paid ads on social media. This helps you promote your property listings further and reach a broader audience. Consider also using hashtags or tagging other accounts in your postings. 

5. Picture and Video Editing Websites

These websites won’t list your property but are essential for making your listings attractive. If you don’t hire a professional photographer or videographer, you’ll need help to make your pictures and video look as professional as possible. 

Photo editing websites help you adjust the exposure, color balance, and composition. Don’t get carried away with editing, as you want your pictures to represent your listing accurately. Video editing websites help you combine multiple clips together to make creating a complete video easier. 

Start Marketing Your Arden Rental Property  

By using these online resources, you can better promote your rental properties. The simplest approach is to work with a reputable property manager. They already have existing accounts with property listing websites and social media accounts. 

They can also take your marketing a step further with relationships with professional photographers and knowledge of the best approach to creating listings. This will help your properties stand out from the others.

Contact our skilled team of property managers and improve your rental property marketing efforts.