5 Software Solutions Worth Considering to Streamline Your Asheville Rental Property Operations

How are you managing your Asheville rental property portfolio? If you are doing it manually, then you are spending more time than necessary. There are several software solutions that can streamline your management efforts. Look for software that can address all areas of property management, from marketing to maintenance. 

These five software solutions offer a comprehensive suite of services that are perfect for property owners with one to several rental properties. 

1. Buildium

This software stands out because it was built by property managers for property managers. It’s a comprehensive software with all of the features you would want to manage every aspect of your rental property investment. You’ll find the software simple to use as it walks you through every phase of the rental process. The tenant portal makes it simple for your tenants to pay their rent online. 


  • Rent collection portal 
  • Included training materials


  • Expensive 
  • Not ideal for single property owners

2. TurboTenant

This software puts all of the cost on the tenant, which keeps your overhead low. An interested applicant will pay a fee to process their application and go through the screening process. What’s nice is that you can integrate this software with your online listings for a streamlined management process. This cloud-based platform uses TransUnion to screen applicants. 


  • Free
  • Great for DIY owners


  • Your tenants have to pay for it 
  • Limited features

3. AppFolio

This software is ideal for real estate investors with a large portfolio of rental properties. It has all of the advanced features you could want for remotely managing your units. The features and services that come with this software are offered à la carte. You can pay as you go and increase your subscription as your needs change. There is a high minimum monthly payment, which makes it better for those with a larger portfolio. This platform has a mobile app, making it easy to manage your properties from anywhere at any time. 


  • Pay only for what you need 
  • Has a mobile app


  • Minimum monthly fee 
  • Not ideal for small portfolios

4. Propertyware

If you own single-family rental homes, then this simple-to-use software can streamline their management. Beginners with their first property and experienced investors with several properties will benefit from the comprehensive features of this software. You can use the software for marketing your properties, collecting rent, and responding to maintenance requests. There are several subscription tiers, allowing you to scale your software service with your portfolio growth. 


  • Ideal for large property portfolios
  • Multiple pricing tiers


  • Can be complicated 
  • Designed for single family home management

5. SimplifyEm

If you own a small portfolio of properties, then this software is a perfect balance of features and cost. You can use this software to collect rent payments and track your accounting. It also has a tenant management portal where you can accept applications, screen potential tenants, and monitor maintenance reports. A nice feature is that you can pull reports and analyze your properties’ performance data. 


  • Has advanced features 
  • Ideal for small portfolios


  • High fees for online rent payments 
  • Limited scalability

Better Manage Your Asheville Rental Property

As you can see, there are several software solutions for managing your portfolio of investment rental properties. Choosing the best one is about finding software that fits your budget, offers the features you need, and works for the number of properties that you own. Working with a property manager is a great option if you aren’t sure which software works best for you. Experienced property managers use their own software. When you hire them, you can take advantage of this by having them manage your property with their software. 

Contact our team of skilled property managers and streamline your property management efforts.