5 Tips for Creating Rental Property Walk-Through Videos

Having a walkthrough video of your property gives you the freedom of having virtual showings whenever and wherever you want. A video brings your home to life in a way that static pictures simply can’t. 

However, just walking through the house with your camera phone on isn’t enough. This will result in a shaky and disorganized video that no one will want to look at. A professional-looking video will increase the perceived value of your home, helping you command a higher rental rate. 

Keep these walk-through video tips in mind when creating a video of your available rental property. 

1. Create a Plan 

Before you start any filming, make a plan. Bullet point the selling points of the home. Make sure your video makes sense next to the listing you’ve already created. Plot out your walkthrough to create a journey and know how best to showcase the house. 

When creating your plan, asterisk important features along the journey. This ensures you show everything you need to in the best order possible. 

2. Start on the Outside

Give viewers a sense of the home from the outside first. This helps people to visualize the home’s layout and understand how it fits into the building. Then take viewers on a journey through the front door and throughout the home. Finish your video in the backyard or even with an aerial view of the house. 

3. Commentary

Some walkthrough videos are silent. These aren’t engaging and uncomfortable to watch. A nice alternative is to have pleasing music play. This isn’t taking full advantage of your captive audience, though. 

Create a commentary for your video. Talk the viewer through your tour and point out the selling points you outlined in your plan. Don’t be afraid to have a personality and speak as if you’re engaging with viewers face to face. 

It’s smart to write out a script. This keeps you on track, ensures you hit all of the important points, and creates a smoother commentary. Avoid having long silences and saying “um” or “uh” a lot. 

4. Show the Important Details  

Don’t be afraid to show the home off. Highlight the unique features and desirable elements. You could even take time to open cabinets and closets. Think about what people would look at during an open house. Then mimic these actions and show these areas in the video. 

If you receive the same feedback from interested potential buyers, then address this in the video. Answer questions that you hear repeatedly. You won’t stop everyone from asking, but you’ll reduce the number of inquiries. 

Those that reach out after viewing the video are more interested in all of the information. You can use this to naturally screen out potential tenants who aren’t a good fit. 

5. Don’t Rush

Take your time planning, filming, and editing your video. This isn’t the time to rush, or it will show in the finished product. Move slowly through the home and keep the camera as steady as possible. It can help to get a stabilizer for your camera or phone to eliminate micro hand movements. 

If you’re filming your video on your phone, turn the phone horizontal. This will capture more of the home and look better when played on a computer or mobile device. 

Work With the Professionals

As you can see, creating a high-quality walkthrough video takes time and skill. Following these walk-through video tips can help. If you don’t have the time or skills, then it’s smart to seek out assistance. A property manager can help you create professional-quality walkthrough videos. This saves you time, effort, and frustration. 

Contact our team today and let us help you create professional-quality walk-through videos for your rental property.