6 Fall Maintenance Calls Every Biltmore Rental Property Owner Should Be Making

Summer is ending, and everyone in the Biltmore and Blue Ridge area turns their focus to the changing of the leaves. However, as a rental property owner, you have more to think about. Having a fall maintenance checklist helps you properly maintain your property. 

Add these six tasks to your fall checklist and make sure your property is ready for winter. 

1. Clean Up the Landscaping 

The first task can be a big one but is one of the most important. Once the summer season is over, it’s time to go through the property and clean up the landscaping. Clear out the brush that’s overgrown any walking paths or driveways. Trim the trees of dead branches. Clean out the gutters, downspouts, and drains. 

Doing this gets the property ready for cooler temperatures. If it snows or there is a storm, you don’t want a compromised branch falling on your tenant, their vehicle, or the home. 

2. Check the Pipes

Remove the exterior hoses and bring them inside. Insulate any exterior or exposed pipes. Once the temperatures drop, these are the most vulnerable to having water freeze inside the pipes and causing the pipes to burst. Drain the irrigation system, as you won’t use it during the winter months.

3. Schedule HVAC Maintenance

Fall is the perfect time to schedule a technician to come out and check the HVAC system. They will check and replace the filters, helping to keep the system cleaner and the air a better quality for the tenants. They will clean the vents of any buildup that may have occurred. The final step in cleaning is with the outdoor unit. 

This is also a perfect time to check the heating system. Any required maintenance can be performed before the temperatures drop. You don’t want an unpleasant and surprise phone call from your tenant when they try to turn the heat on for the first time, and nothing happens. 

4. Ice Dam Mitigation

Ice dams happen at the edge of your roof when water freezes and builds. It ends up blocking snow and water from draining correctly. This excess water buildup is heavy, adding extra stress to the roof. It also allows the moisture to seep in places, creating new leaks and water damage. If left unchecked. 

You can prevent ice dams by ensuring that the entire roof is the same temperature. Often, the eaves get colder, allowing water to freeze into ice. Have a roofing contractor come out and address any trouble spots that you experienced last year to prevent future issues.  

5. Check the Seals

Walk around the home and check the seals around the windows and doors. They shouldn’t be cracked, dried out, or damaged in any way. You should not be able to see any light or feel airflow around these seals. Replace any seals that are not in good condition. Doing this prevents leaks and drafts. During the winter months, the warm air inside will escape outside, causing the HVAC bill to increase. 

Fixing these seals also eliminates gaps where small pests can make their way into the home. 

6. Yearly Septic Check 

If your rental property has a septic tank, you should perform a yearly check to determine whether or not it needs draining. Fall is a perfect time for this because it is after the summer rains and before the winter when the ground freezes. Many people also have family and friends over for the holidays. An almost full tank may not make it through all of these celebrations. 

Plan Your Biltmore Rental Fall Maintenance

Owning a rental home near the Biltmore offers you the ability to invest in a property with a stunning view of the Blue Ridge. But to retain your home’s value and desirability, you need to perform regular seasonal maintenance. Add these six tasks to your fall maintenance checklist and ensure your rental property is ready for winter. 

Contact our team today and let our experienced property managers handle the fall maintenance for your Biltmore rental property. turns