How to Market Your North Carolina Rental Property for the Best Results

Your North Carolina rental property is an investment. That means you need to treat it like a business. One key element to making a business a success is marketing. So, what sort of marketing are you doing for your rental property? 

With the tips in this article, you’ll be able to market your rental property with engaging marketing materials. That way, you can target your ideal tenants and increase the interest in your properties. 

Target your Efforts

You need to speak directly to your audience if you want to engage with them. This means knowing who your ideal tenant is. Then you can create a persona for that tenant. Tailor your marketing to appeal to that type of person. 

Highlight the features and amenities that are most important to the demographic that you want to rent to. For some, this could be the internet connectivity and innovative technology built into the house. For others, it could be the proximity to local schools. 

You’ll then want to place your marketing materials in a location where your target audience will be. Some demographics use social media heavily, while others may prefer an in-person approach by seeing the advertising in the local community. 

Market More than the Property

You need to sell potential tenants on more than just the property. You should create a community and lifestyle for them. This helps them imagine themselves living in your rental home. How you define the community will depend on your intended audience. 

For example, young families could value local schools, affordable family-friendly activities, and safe neighborhoods. A retiree may be more concerned with accessible walking paths, libraries, and senior centers. Try to connect your target demographic with the amenities they value most within the community. 

Generate Interest Early 

It’s smart to generate interest before you have a vacant property and need to rent it out. Now you have a plan for the future. Do this by creating email lists for potentially interested renters for each of your properties. Let them know early that your property will be available soon. 

Stay in contact with these people by informing them of the positive amenities and aspects of a particular community. A desirable tenant that expressed interest in the past may be ready to rent in the future. This will reduce your overhead by eliminating the need to market the property and reduce the amount of vacant time for the property.  

Use Professional Marketing Materials

There’s no arguing that professional quality pictures generate more responses than amateur ones. It’s well worth the investment to have a professional real estate photographer take pictures of your rental home. You need to have one of the exterior, the main living areas, and the bedrooms. You should also be sure to include pictures of unique selling points. 

Your marketing doesn't stop with the pictures. You should include a detailed listing with the images. Don’t make people work to find information about your property. Most people want to gather the information quickly to easily make a comparison of multiple properties. If your listing lacks vital information, then your property is out before the comparison even starts. 

Clearly list the length of the lease, required rent, pet policy, and included amenities. People want as much information as possible so they can make an informed decision before embarking on a serious pursuit. 

Market Your Rental Property

If you’ve never created marketing materials, then it’s smart to enlist the help of experienced experts. Property managers are a perfect resource because they have the experience, knowledge, and ability to create professional-looking marketing. They also have the networks and platforms necessary to effectively get the word out about your property. 

Contact our team today and let us help you develop the most effective marketing for your North Carolina rental property.