Marketing Trends Every Rental Property Owner Should Know for 2022

As the end of 2021 comes into sight, there’s no better time than now to start evaluating the performance of your rental property listings. As a rental property owner, it’s important to protect your investment by ensuring it performs. Moving into 2022, you may decide it’s time to change up your marketing approach. 

These 2022 rental property marketing trends could help you improve the performance of your rental real estate. 

Market More Than the Home

Successful rental property owners know that they need to market more than just the house. Sell potential applicants on a lifestyle and community. Include community features and local attractions. Perhaps your home is close to several nature parks or outdoor activities. Maybe your rental home is near a public transportation pickup. It could be in a desirable school district. 

Create an Experience

Make your rental property stand out by creating an experience with your listings. Do more than just have the standard pictures. Include a link to a video walkthrough. This gives interested applicants an immersive experience. They can get a better feel for the available space and layout. Providing a video enables people to see the home without having to visit it in person. This saves you time by not having to meet with interested applicants and broadens your potential renter pool to those who are out of town and unable to view the property in person. 

Utilize Social Media More 

Social media gives you a chance to showcase your rental home. You can show pictures of the property, local amenities and attractions, and any improvements you make. This is your chance to engage with potential tenants and show them why your rental property is worth considering. It’s also your chance to show who you are as a landlord. 

Make available property posts shareable so that your connections can share it with their followers for a broader reach. This lets you attract potential applicants through your personal connections, reducing risk and vacancy rates. 

Tailor Your Property Listings 

Think about who your rental property is ideal for. A generic rental home listing doesn’t directly speak to the reader. Think about who your rental home is perfect for, and then highlight features that the renter would appreciate. Tenants with children will appreciate extra bedrooms and an included washer and dryer. Tenants with dogs will like that your property is fenced in. Consider what people look for when renting, and then include those amenities and features in your listing. This will attract more desirable tenants while discouraging those who don't find those features important. 

Improve Your Photography 

When was the last time you had professional photos taken of your rental property? If it has been a while or you’ve never had them done, there’s no better time than 2022. Have the property professionally staged. This helps applicants to understand the size and layout while also imagining themselves living in the property. If your professional pictures are from a season that’s different from the current, then consider getting new pictures done. Summer rental property pictures can set people up for disappointment when the landscaping isn’t as impressive during the winter months. Offseason images can also give the impression that your property has been vacant for a long time, and thusly, there is something undesirable about it. 

Work With the Experts

Creating engaging and high converting rental property marketing takes skill and experience. A local property manager can help you craft the best listing for each of your rental properties because they are up to date on the latest marketing trends. They can also manage those listings and screen applicants. Their connections with skilled photographers, stagers, and videographers can help you find the best professionals for the highest quality content for your marketing. 

Contact our team of experienced rental property managers today, and let's revamp your rental property marketing.