Simple Tips For Attracting More Families To Your Asheville Rental

About 44% of people renting single family homes have children. If your rental property doesn’t appeal to families, then you’re missing out on half of the potential tenant pool. 

Renting to families is smart because they can provide you with long term tenant stability. By making some key changes, you can attract more families to your Asheville rental properties. 

This guide will show you some critical changes you can make to make your property more appealing to renters with children. 

Highlight the Bedrooms

One of the most important factors for families is the number of bedrooms. Parents will use this as a search filter to narrow down their options. To ensure your rental appears, make sure you accurately specify the number of bedrooms your property has. 

It’s also smart to have each bedroom featured in a picture. This helps parents to see where each child will stay. Don’t try to sell extra rooms as spare bedrooms. This can lead to miscommunication, confusion, and disappointment. 

Increase the Safety  

Parents put their children’s safety first, so by understanding this, you can make your property more kid friendly and safe. Consider installing fencing around areas that could be dangerous, such as a pool or steep drop-off. You could install railings on the porches and balconies. 

Installing a security system is also a plus. Then the tenant can choose to pay for professional monitoring of the home. 

Showcase Education 

It’s important to show that your rental home is near quality schools. Do some research on the local school districts. Parents are more likely to pay more in rent for a home if it’s near a school that they want their children to attend. 

You can take it a step further and mention local kid friendly activities. This could include parks, sports leagues, daycare, and amusements. This lets parents know that there are plenty of activities and amenities for the entire family. 

Create More Storage 

The more members a family has, the more storage they need. This is especially true when the family’s children are still young. 

Look for ways you can add additional storage solutions to the home. This could be adding an additional closet, creating built-in shelves, or even adding a storage shed in the backyard. 

Make Care Easy 

Children are messy, so make your home easy to clean and care for. This will reduce the amount of work parents have to do to keep the home looking nice. It will also reduce the amount of work you have to do when they move out. Consider replacing the carpet with wood flooring or tile. 

Allow Pets 

It may not be appealing to have cats and dogs running around your rental property, but allowing pets will make your property stand out. Children are especially attached to their furry family members, so allowing pets makes your home more attractive to families. 

If you’re concerned about allowing pets, you can put restrictions on the type, size, and breed of animals you’ll allow. You could also charge a pet deposit to cover any damage the pet may cause while living in the home.  

Start Attracting More Families to Your Asheville Rental

By implementing these strategies, you can attract more families to your Asheville rental properties. Highlighting these qualities about your property makes it clear to parents that you understand what’s important to them. 

If you need help preparing your property and listings, then our team can help. Our experienced property managers work with families regularly and understand what’s most important to them. We can then use this knowledge to work with you and attract more families to your Asheville rentals. 

Contact our team today and let us help you attract more families to your Asheville rental.