The Ultimate Guide to Renting Out Your House for Vacations in Hendersonville, North Carolina

The Ultimate Guide to Renting Out Your House for Vacations in Hendersonville, North Carolina

Vacation season in Hendersonville, North Carolina is packed with things to do for families, students, and cross-country travelers. Enjoy everything from the Elijah Mountain Gem Mine to Burntshirt Vineyards.

If you own a second property in the area, you have an opportunity to rent out your house for extra income. You could also rent out your primary residence if you're planning on vacationing out of state.

There are several things to consider before listing vacation rentals, like property insurance, home staging, and guest screening.

Start brainstorming with this helpful guide.

Talk to a Property Manager First

If you want to start off on the right foot, talk to a property manager first.

There are many details to consider. An expert can also handle legal and administrative aspects you may not have considered. These tasks include leasing contracts, rental policies, and eviction processes.

Start with an initial consultation to discuss your goals for vacation rentals.

Do you have a yearly income objective? Are you only renting out your house for one season per year? Is your property equipped to accommodate guests?

Short-term rentals must provide the amenities guests are looking for on vacation, from comforting common areas to fully functioning kitchens. A property manager will thoroughly inspect the home first to ensure it's ready for guests.

When the property is ready, the rental manager will conduct rigorous guest screening to find the most responsible tenants. An excellent tenant placement service delivers a higher ROI since these guests don't damage property.

Start the Property Marketing Process

Property managers are experienced in all facets of the vacation marketing process.

This phase begins with a property inspection, followed by any necessary repairs and replacements. Additional remodeling can help you command a higher rental price during Hendersonville's peak seasons.

Next, you'll need to stage your vacation rental to create an enticing guest experience. This stage is necessary for rental listing photos and in-person walkthroughs. Prospective guests should be able to look at these photos and envision themselves in the vacation home.

Remove any identifying imagery before staging the home, such as family photos, work items, clothes, and other personal objects. Replace these items with general decor like vacation-friendly wall art, bowls of fruit, candles, and houseplants.

Think about your ideal guest in mind when staging these spaces.

For example, if you're appealing to families in the summertime, you'll want to highlight your pool area. This demographic typically wants a "home away from home." You should feature a fully-equipped kitchen and living room with a TV.

How to Rent Out Your House During Shoulder Seasons

The off-season begins once peak season in Hendersonville is over. However, you can still generate income during the shoulder season months of fall and winter.

Your property manager will lower the rental price to match the market rate of the off-season. This plan works especially well if you own a second vacation rental or are planning to grow your real estate portfolio in the area.

Have Everything Ready to Go

Working with a property management company like PMI Blue Ridge will prevent details from getting lost in the shuffle. Our team of property managers is well-versed in the above strategies to rent out your house.

We're committed to Hendersonville's vacation rental community and want to provide you with a full product suite. See our office hours to find a time slot to discuss your goals.